How Does Precision Cancer Medicine Work?

how does“The purpose of precision cancer medicine is not to categorize or classify cancers solely by site of origin, but to define the genomic alterations that are driving that cancer,” says Laura MacConaill, PhD, scientific director of the Profile Research Project and scientific director of the Center for Cancer Genome Discovery. “Even if an alteration occurs in a given cancer type only 1 percent of the time, and you can provide an effective treatment option for those specific patients, it’s incredibly enabling and powerful.”  Learn More

Why Is Precision Cancer Medicine Important?

why is Each person is unique, and so is his or her cancer. Precision medicine is based on the belief that cancer treatment can be tailored to the genetic makeup of each patient’s cancer cells, and to his or her physiology and medical history.  Learn More

The Future of Precision Cancer Medicine

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As scientific research and computational analysis deepen our understanding of cell biology, we are moving toward the promise of precision cancer medicine. Using next-generation DNA sequencing to thoroughly scan the cancer genome, and large, data-intensive research projects like Profile to better understand the disposition and behavior of cancer cells, the team at DF/BWCC is improving targeted treatments for cancer patients. Learn More